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Four Guardian Beast Deskmat Collection in the Works!


Enjoy beautiful, unique deskmat designs? Your search ends here. 


The Azure Dragon, 

The Vermilion Bird,

The White Tiger,

and The Black Tortoise will be transformed into a sequential collection release. 


As some of you may already know, the Azure Dragon featured both a Night and Day variation. However, we have taken into account the feedback provided to us from our initial interest check and it has caused us to incorporate different variations into our upcoming base designs. 




The Azure Dragon

GB Start: November 30 2021

GB End: December 30 2021

Estimated Shipping: Q1 2022

The Vemilion Bird

GB Start: TBD


Estimated Shipping: TBD

The White Tiger

GB Start: TBD


Estimated Shipping: TBD

The Black Tortoise

GB Start: TBD


Estimated Shipping: TBD


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