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How do I clean my deskmat? 

Cleaning your deskmat should be an activity you get accustomed to. While this varies from user to user, it is generally good practice to keep your setup clean. We recommend you use a wet cloth with mild soap to gently clean your deskmat. 


Will there be smaller sizes available for this design?

Unfortunately we will be keeping the 900mm x 400mm x 4mm layout for the foreseeable future. 


How will this deskmat affect my keyboard? 

Factors such as the presence of a deskmat will affect the sound your keyboard produces. This normally provides you with that better sounding bottom-out and just a better overall look to your setup!


What is a Group Buy?  

Essentially, a group buy means a collection of orders within a specific timeframe which will be submitted to the manufacturer after the end-date. Once we receive the shipment from the manufacturer, we will begin shipping out orders as soon as possible! 

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